Mojima Etokudo, Nigeria, 2016 Year in Review


I greet you all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give God the glory for all that He has done in my physical and spiritual families using my ministry as tools to effect His purpose for the church in 2016 through your kind supports in both financial donation, materials and prayers. God bless you.

My ten (10) points plans as outline in my 2016 framework as seen 80% accomplishment with the following result:

  1. A successful 2 days annual Bible lectureship/evangelism in January 2016 at Ikot Odiong with souls added Christ.
  1. Regular and effective door to door evangelism campaigns.
  1. Participant / Guest speaker at 2016 National WBS Great Workshop with Douglas Wheeler at NCBC, Ukpom Abak.
  1. Enrollment of WBS students/ follow up which many enrollee has become Christians.
  1. Bible / WBS seminars in local congregations in the rural areas.
  1. Planting of a new congregation in September, 2016 at Okoye/Uruk Ata 2.
  1. Provision of food, clothing and skill acquisition training to rural areas widows, orphans and the handicaps.
  1. Training of more preachers and church leaders through my Bible Tutorial Ministry ( the Nigeria Christian College of Evangelism NCCE) which many of our students are now preaching in our newly planted congregations, some of our converted denominational church pastors/leaders are train through NCCE and some of our students who came from denominational background also baptize into Christ.
  1. Conversion of a denominational church pastor and his household into Christ.
  1. Conversion of an Ekpo Masquerade Cult chief at Ikot Akpan Eyo and another a Mennonite church Bishop’s son.
  1. Mission trips to both northern and southern Nigeria.


(a) A total of 267 baptized and put on Christ in 2016 as enshrined in my monthly report.

(b) 35 souls was restored back to the faith.

The above was achieve for Christ through my personal and collective efforts of   my coworkers, my evangelism team, the NCCE & WBS activities under my watch.

Our plan to roof Obon Odor church building and the construction of a building for the Ikot Akpan Eyo church could not see light in 2016, we pray and hope His will prevails in 2017.

Thank you for your generosity, thank you for standing by me and my coworkers which sees to the above accomplishments for Christ kingdom in this part of the world (Nigeria). God bless you.

God will reward your labour of love and faith for Him in this life and in the life above in Jesus name.

I request your utmost support in 2017 and beyond as He gave us the grace to work together to bring the lost souls to Christ, to teach the saved to remain saved and to train men who will teach others till the day of Christ.

Again, thank you for all that you have done to me, my family, my coworkers and Christ kingdom in Nigeria.

God bless you and your endeavor now and always in Christ precious name. Amen.


In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo

Church of Christ

Ikot Odiong, Ukanafun Local Government Area.

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.