Mojima Etokudo, 2017 Annual Lectureship Report

Scenes from the lectureship

Lectureship audience

A new sister in Christ

A new brother in Christ

New brother and sister presented with Bible and certificate of baptism

Thank you for all your prayers over our 2017 annual Bible lectureship/evangelism, they really payoff. God bless you and yours in Jesus name.

Our 3 days Bible Lectureship/Evangelism on the theme: OPEN YOUR EYES…. John 4:35 at Ikot Odiong, Ukanafun of Akwa Ibom State-Nigeria went well. As stated in my other email, the church declared the whole week an EVANGELISM week which pre-event begins on Sunday 15 January with a door to door evangelism campaign which goes with distribution of our event advert posters inviting people to participate.On Tuesday 17 January, I led another door to door evangelism campaign to the neighboring villages of Obon Odor, Edem Idim, Idung Urom Isor, Ikot Enang and Ikot Akpan Eyo etc.

Three (3) souls baptized into Christ there and I presented a Holy Bible to each of them to help them start their Christian race, there will be worshiping in their villages..

  • On Wednesday 18 January, we presented food /used  clothing to widows, orphans and the handicaps, we also used the medium to preach Christ to them as we feed the body and soul.
  • Thursday 19 January, the event starts with intensive door to door / Open Air evangelism campaign in the village squares, market place visiting of individual homes etc, were many ask questions as it affect their worship.
  • Friday 20, January, Full indoor lectureship at our worship hall and outdoor evangelism campaign in the neighboring village square which lasted till 9pm, brother Mike Udam and John Oboroh and others was part of it. It also feature WBS seminar and enrollment of new WBS students.
  • Saturday 21 January, the 3 days Bible lectureship has in attendance about 300 participants among whom were 80 preachers/ church leaders.

Brother Mike Udam, John Oboro and Bassey Esang delivered their lessons, a special session was held for the preachers anchored by Mike Udam and Esang.

Among the about 300 participants in our three days lectureship, 113 were campers from Thursday – Saturday, a greater number of them were Preachers, my WBSET and our NCCE students. A FREE medical test in both Eyes and Body was offered to those in need as a medium of preaching to the body and souls.All the lectures delivered was compiled and print into a booklet for participants. Hard copy will reach you through regular mail.Food and Accommodation was provided FREE to all participants and campers throughout the duration of the program.

A leader of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint (Mormonism) Mr Michael Udo Akpan who was a participants in our WBS Seminar , baptized into Christ on Saturday, he surrendered his Book of Mormon to me and I present a Holy Bible and other Bible literature to help his new found faith. Praise God!

Sunday 22 January, some participants who could not return to their home, worshiped with us at Ikot Odiong, while 4 members of the Ikot Odiong community who listen to our open air evangelism campaign in the village squares worshiped at Ikot Odiong and TWO OF THEM BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST.

Immediate effect of our 2017 annual Bible lectureship:

  • Three (3) baptism during a build up evangelism campaign in the neighboring villages.
  • One (1) baptism on Saturday (a Mormonism) who denounced Mormonism and surrender his book of Mormon to me and receives a Holy Bible.
  • Two (2) baptism on Sunday in response to our evangelism campaign.(now members of Ikot Odiong village
  • Restoration of the erring.
  • Enrollment of new WBS students.
  • Edifying the saved to remain saved.
  • Fellowship in both meals and other activities among brethren.
  • New and old friends met

It is my hope that more great things  (Growth in His Kingdom) will happen in our villages through our gospel and the campaigns carried out by Ikot Odiong church, our WBS Evangelism Team and NCCE, pray for His grace.

I need your prayers for our newly baptized brethren, and for the church at Ikot Odiong to be able to do more for the kingdom, to be able to maintain this Annual Bible Lectureship/ Evangelism which is really paying off for the kingdom .  Pray for me too.

In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo