Mojima: Report & Prayer Request

Greetings to our brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ, how was your worship yesterday? Mine was great, I preach the sermon yesterday at Ikot Odiong from 2 Corinthians 13:5 on the topic “Examine Yourself” brethren call for prayers for restoration from the saints after my sermon, we also visit a family whose son departed this life last week and prayed with them.

I presented a baptismal certificate to Dinah Nicholas who was baptized into Christ last week at Ikot Odiong while I worship at the two weeks old new congregation I planted at Ikot Akpan Essien, Hopefully by next week I will present an Efik version of the Bible to her as I run short of it since she cannot read English version.

On Saturday, I was on WBS student follow up and one of our students “Etimbuk Dan Willie” who was a member of Evangelical Church denomination was baptized into Christ, Praise God! I present a baptismal certificate and a Bible to help her new faith in Christ. Photographs attached. Yesterday Sunday, also, I led my WBS Evangelism Team to a door to door campaign at Ikot Ikpe village and many promise to worship with the church there on Sunday while some of them request for home Bible study.

I hope to take some days rest this week as I am still recovering from the effect of typhoid fever infection. I need more of your prayers concerning my health, ministry, the new congregation at Ikot Akpan Essien and the newly baptized brethren .

In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo

Mojima (l) w/ new sister Etimbuk Dan Willie

New sister at Ikot Odiong, Dinah Nicholas