Mojima Etokudo, September 2017 Review

Greetings from my physical and Spiritual families to my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ in Christ precious name. Thank you for your prayers and kind support to me, my coworkers, the lost souls and for the churches of Christ in Ikot Odiong and Ikot Akpan Eyo. Our prayers continues with you and we need your continue prayers.

My month of September 2017 started with one week of rest due to stress incurred in the past month as a result of series of activities for the kingdom of Christ in Nigeria.

I teach the Bible and preached sermon in the  four Sundays of September at Ikot Odiong church and two (2) souls was restored from their erring way back to the faith as they openly declared and ask for prayers of forgiveness for the saints.

Our Nigeria Christian College of Evangelism (NCCE) Bible training program ends her semester lectures and test in September 7 and have dedicated the whole of September and October 2017 as evangelism period for her students to resume for lecture on November.

I was one of the guest Preacher at the 2017 Oron Preachers and Church Leaders Retreat the theme “Leadership And The Future of The Church” on Saturday September 16 were over 200 participants was drawn from five County areas and I teach the TEAM EVANGELISM METHOD using WBS as a  tool for effective and efficient evangelism which is a panacea for church growth.

Also in September 2017, our WBS ministry has brought two (2) souls into Christ through baptism.

The new school year has begun in Nigeria and my children have all gone back to school as Emem is promoted to junior secondary two while Uduak is promoted to primary six, Ekemini to primary one and my other children as well.

I need your prayers for peace in our communities and for more success in my evangelistic efforts in the month of October and beyond.


I will be making visitations to some of the newly planted congregation of the Lord to strengthen them with the Word.

I am invited to speak at the annual Bible Seminar on the theme “Thinking The Way of Salvation” at Church of Christ, Okonde in Northern Cross River State on Saturday October 14.

I am also invited to speak the Word at World Bible School Seminar on the theme “The New Beginning”  at Church of Christ, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo on Saturday October 21.

Again meeting to plan our 2018 Annual Bible Seminar /Evangelism at Ikot Odiong in Ukanafun would also hold at Church of Christ at Ikot Odiong.

The Ukanafun World Bible School Evangelism Team would this month engage in follow up of our numerous prospects in the rural areas.

I need your prayers for my plans to continue succeed for the sake of His kingdom.

Thank you for your prayers and kind supports to me which has really enhance the growth of Christ kingdom in Nigeria. God bless you and grant you more success in your endeavors in Christ.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo