Mojima sends…Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request!!!

My community Ukanafun, Etim Ekpo Local Government Areas and its environ is boiling with cultists killing Innocent people, robbery and kidnapping for ransom is a daily routine making life difficult in both church and other activities. Let us muster our church members (ONLY) together and pray for peace in our communities from wherever we are. We don’t need to come together but we ask you to join forces with us  wherever you are  and pray. Also for me, my family, my coworkers, the churches of Christ in the area which most of them are not meeting for worship due to this unrest and our evangelism activities which has been truncated in some area due to the crisis rocking the area. Please share our plight with other brethren. We know God will prevail against the Satan.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo