Mojima sends…New church planted

I appreciate all your prayers and support toward my labour for Christ and His kingdom in Nigeria. God bless the Shackle Island church of Christ  and your endeavours in Jesus Christ name.

The 3 days evangelism campaign at Ikot Osute village in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria was a huge success beginning on Friday-Sunday 8-10 December, 2017  on the theme “Jesus Christ is the Way” by Ukanafun World Bible School Evangelism Team which ended with church planting in Ikot Osute village which is over 25 miles about 2 hours from my home due bad rural road.

The event features, door to door evangelism, open air evangelism in both day and night, Invitational evangelism, tracts distribution, visit to the sick and the aged and planting of a new congregation of the Lord church .

15 members of my Ukanafun WBS evangelism team depart my office to Ikot Osute and we camp there in the house of a brother who was a police officer who also allow his house to be use as our resting place at night and for the church to worship on Sunday.

Day one: Friday 8 December, we won a soul to Christ through water baptism during our open air evangelism and he was taken to the river for baptism at 10pm.

Day two: Saturday 9 December, We go on door to door preaching and the same time invites people to come out during our open air preaching in the village square. Another two (2) souls was baptized into Christ in the night .

Day three: Sunday 10 December, Between 7am-9am, I led my team of evangelist to an invitational evangelism reminding them to come and worship with us, visiting the sick, praying and giving them arms and many responded to our gospel call to the first christian worship at Ikot Osute were I preach the sermon and another four (4) baptized into Christ.

I could not go the river in the night to take the baptism photo but I was able to go for the last one on Sunday.

Each of the newly baptized brethren receives a Holy Bible, Hymnal and Baptismal certificate from me to help with their new faith in Christ.

I also donated 2 Hymnal, Holy Bible, Communion Tray/Cups/Wine, Sign post to the new congregation.

The 3 day evangelism campaign at Ikot Osute won 7 souls into Christ.

A total of 14 souls is now won for Christ in Ikot Osute through our evangelism effort this year.

The first worship has over 50 people children included, some came to see and know how we worship and some became a Christian. Pray others will come to the knowledge of Christ too.

The new congregation at Ikot Osute will need a Preacher who will work with them but at the moment my evangelism team will lead till we have one, pray for enablement to engage the services of a preacher.

Pray for the newly planted congregation at Ikot Osute, pray for me, my family and my coworkers for more strength, sound health and  more kingdom harvest.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo

A new sister in Christ

Leaving the river for the village

Mojima (l) presents new brother a Bible and certificate

The congregation at Ikot Osute with the WBS Evangelism Team

WBS Evangelism Team goes into the village to preach

Mojima (center) spreads the gospel message