Mojima sends…Two souls added to Christ’s church

God has added two souls to the church today last day of the year through the water of baptism at the church of Christ in Ikot Odiong.

Today last Sunday worship of the year has many worshippers in Ikot Odiong as those brethren who stays in the city came home and we have 75 worshippers including 4 visitors whose 2 became Christian through baptism as they hear my gospel which I teach the Bible class on the topic “Consider Your Ways”  from Haggar 1:5 and my sermon was on the topic ” Just One Year To Live” .  The two (2) baptized sisters were :

1. Emah John Akaka
2. Margret Ime

Thank you so much to the Shackle Island Church of Christ  for their generosity which has brought this two precious souls to Christ. I pray for for more to come to Christ through this medium.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo

PS. The attachment shows pictures of the newly baptized sisters (Emah John Akaka and Margret Ime) at the river, presentation of Bibles and Baptismal certificate and returning through the jungle road leading to the river.