Mojima Etokudo – 2018 Bible Seminar at Ikot Odiong

Greetings to you and all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ, hope this mail meet you well.

It’s been a very hectic and busy period for me and my coworkers but we thank God for His grace.

The 2018 Annual Bible Seminar/Evangelism of the Church of Christ in Ikot Odiong, Ukanafun Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria on the theme “Christian – Before and After” (2 Peter 2:9-10)  went well.

The Seminar start on Thursday January 25 with the distribution of food to the needy in Ikot Odiong and its environ. Beneficiaries who were Widows, Orphans, Handicap (Blind, Lame and amputated) and the Needy drawn from the church and non members of the Church. It was an opportunity to further preached the love of God to them despite their present condition. Each of them went home with Rice, Bean, Salt and some money. They appreciated this gift and prayed for God’s blessing upon the donors.
We later proceed on door to door Evangelism with the Ikot Odiong brethren and my Ukanafun WBSET/NCCE students, a Soul Put on Christ at Edem Idim village while two others received a Holy Bible each to help them study the Word preached to them as they complain not having one and we plan a follow-up. Pray they obey the Gospel in God’s time. We returned back to Ikot Odiong for the evening devotion, then dinner and night rest.

On Friday January 26, after breakfast in the morning, we dedicated the whole day to Evangelism at the neighboring villages of Ikot Odiong preaching and inviting them to attend the lectureship session of our seminar at Ikot Odiong on Saturday 27. Two souls was restored during this campaign and we returned back to Ikot Odiong in the evening for dinner and evening session,  then night rest.

The Seminar /Evangelism climax on Saturday January 27 at Ikot Odiong church worship hall. Over 100 Christians led by our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team went again from house to house preaching Christ between 9.00am – 12.00noon thereafter the lectureship session on the theme “Christian – Before and After” was held at the church meeting hall were Two (2) souls obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ. Mercy Asuquo Okorie and Augustine Tommy both confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour and we’re immersed in the water grave, they both received Bible and Baptismal Certificate.

The medical unit was very busy as both Christian and non Christians, village chiefs came for help on either eyes /body test and giving of eye Glasses to those who have sight problem. The Optician Dr Archibong and Inok both gave health talk to the teeming participants. It was a great service to the community rendered by the church through your kind support and I hope this act will strengthen the church.

The water borehole project of the Shackle Island church of Christ to church of Christ, Ikot Odiong (Shackle Island Water) is another boost to the church as every participant has water to to cater for their water needs and the community also benefit from this generosity of yours. This is a great service to the community which I am optimistic that this gesture of yours will either now or in the future bring many to the knowledge of Christ. Thank you so much for your generosity, God bless you all.

The church at Ikot Odiong are grateful for your love for us in Nigeria, and we pray daily for you and yours. All your financial contributions which help the hosting of our many Bible Seminars, providing free eye Glasses /test to those in need, Food for the Needy, Drilling of Water Borehole, Dooring in the worship hall etc really payoff. God bless you.

Photos of the events will come in batches.

Again, thank you for entrusting in my hand your kind gifts to use for Christ kingdom advancement, I promise not to do otherwise BUT pray for more of His grace, wisdom, strength and sound health to do more for Christ and His church. My prayers always go with you and yours.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo

Food Distributed

Food Carried Home

Eye Exams

Mojima Preaches the Gospel

Another Lesson

The Gospel Preached Face to Face

New Sister, Mercy, w/ Mojima (r)

Augustine Immersed

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