Mojima sends…

I greet you, my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ in Christ precious name. My last weekend was very hectic and fruitful in our labour for Christ.
Our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team embark on a Five (5) Day follow up/ Invitational evangelism campaign in Ikot Osute, Ikot Itor/Ikot Otu and Ikot Esenam villages preaching from door to door during the day and at night in market places between June 19-23, 2018 while I joined them on Friday 22 -Sunday 24, 2018 preaching and baptizing sinners into Christ, sharing gospel tracts and Invitation for sinners to visit the church of Christ .

* On Tuesday 19, during the night preaching in market place, Grace Daniel baptized into Christ at Ikot Itor/Ikot Otu villages.

* On Friday 22, during our door to door evangelism at Ikot Osute, Enobong Emmanuel baptized into Christ.

* I preached a sermon at night in market place at Ikot Esenam village on Friday 22, Ikot Esenam is a Catholic community and many ask questions and invites us for a home Bible study which we did on Sunday after worship. Pray these families come to the knowledge of Christ.

* I preached during Bible class at Ikot Osute village on Saturday 23, 2018 by 6.00am-7.30am reflecting from 2 Peter 1:1-10 with 32 members in attendance.

* I preached to a Jehovah witness family at Ikot Osute village and the head of the family obeyed the gospel, pray for the children to do same.

* I visited with the village Chief of Ikot Osute to share the Word with him.

* I attended to many Biblical/doctrinal questions from our new Christians, their friends and our denominational prospects.

* On Sunday worship at Ikot Osute at 8:45am-10:00am, I teach the Bible class on the topic” THE PREPARED PLACE” from John 13 and 41:1-15 with emphasis on becoming a Christian and living a Christian life to qualified for the prepared place. One soul obeyed the Gospel.

* I left to our new church at Ikot Itor/Ikot Otu villages, there I preached the sermon on the topic” DON’T DECEIVE YOURSELF-GOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SIN” emphasizing on the knowledge of God in His worship to please Him. A total Six (6) souls obeyed the gospel including a 70 year old man and one deacon of the Apostolic church denomination.

God added Nine (9) souls to Christ during the weeks effort.

* Two (2) at Ikot Osute village church.

-Now the church at Ikot Osute has a total of 40 souls added to Christ between December 10, 2017-June 24, 2018.

* Seven (7) at Ikot Itor/Ikot Otu Two Towns village church.

– Now the Two Towns Church at Ikot Itor/Ikot Otu villages has a total of 16 souls added to Christ between May 27, 2018- June 24, 2018.

Each of these newly baptized received a Baptismal Certificate and some who are able to read and write received Bible and Hymnals though we run out of stock of Bibles and Hymnals, it’s a viable tools for our evangelism in the rural areas. Thank you so much for providing funds for this and other things making our efforts more fruitful. God bless you all.

* Pray for the these souls to grow to maturity, pray for our team efforts, pray for my health and that of my coworkers to do more for Christ.
God bless you all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ, special Greetings to the Shackle Island Sisters Class for her numerous encouragement including card messages and prayers. Our prayers continue daily with you and yours.

In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo

The church at “Two Towns”

Seven obey Christ’s call

Mojima (r) and a new brother in Christ

Mojima (r) and a new sister in Christ

New brothers and sisters at “Two Towns”