Mojima sends…NCBC Lectureship

The 65 Annual Bible Lectureship of the Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC) Ukpom Abak between July 31 – August 3, 2018 was great. Attended by thousands across the country with 100s added into Christ through the water grave of baptism.

The gospel message at NCBC which brought the first 23 souls into Christ on July 31, 2018 being the first day of the lectureship was delivered by one of my teammate at our WBSET and our tutor at NCCE brother Editi Obot.

It was great to meet old and new friends and our evangelism team also share our team work concept methods with other brethren to further the cause of Christ in their areas.
A young denominational pastor I preached to 4 years ago and baptized him into Christ whom I encourage him to enroll in NCBC was one of the graduands at this year graduation ceremony of NCBC on Friday 3, August 2018.

Amongst those brethren and non Christian we encourage paying their transport fair to attend the lectureship mostly from our new churches area, Eight (8) souls put on Christ through water baptism from the following congregations of the Lord church.
* Ikot Akpan Eyo = 4
* Ikot Ibritam …. = 3
* Odoro Ikot …….= 1

Each of them recieved baptismal certificate and some Bible.Pray for the newly baptized to grow strong and for our efforts to continue see the light of the day.

In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo

PS. Thank you so much for your donation of funds to help with our Bible Purchase.

Lectureship Day One

A new sister receives a certificate commemorating her baptism