Mojima sends…a denominational pastor obeys Christ


On Sunday August 2. 2018, I worshiped in three different newly planted local congregations as follows:
1. Two Town Church of Christ at Ikot Oku Ibesit – 8.30am-9.30am.
2. Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Essien- 9.45am-11.00am
3. Church of Christ, Ikot Osute- 11.30am- 12.45pm.

I preached sermons and souls obeyed the gospel at Ikot Akpan Essien including a crippled. See photos.

At Ikot Oku Ibesit, the two newly baptized brethren were the first to arrived for worship. See their photo with me.

At Ikot Osute after worship, I, the preacher and 2 of our NCCE students who are on field work there embark on a follow up mission. Among those we preached to was a denominational pastor of the Mt. Zion Light House Full Gospel Church, (MZLHFGC) Inc (Pastor Fidelis Ubo Ubom) there I spoke for about 3 hours and he was satisfied with the gospel but keep saying I have been a pastor for eleven (11) years with the MZLHGC and this is the year of my promotion to an Apostleship rank after receiving a Degree in Theology last year, Again he said it sin to be baptize the second time. But I use the Bible to give answer and clarification on his doubt. We prayed together and I depart his house by 5.15pm back home to reunite with my family after missing them physically for some days were I arrived home 7.00pm.

Then on Monday September 3, 2018, Pastor Fidelis Ubo Ubom walked up to the Preacher of the church at Ikot Osute in the morning at the temporary meeting place were the Preacher lives and told him I want to be baptized into Christ, I don’t want to be a pastor or member of the MZLHFGC any more. The preacher called me on telephone and broke the news and I was excited. He the Preacher invited some other brethren who are close to witness his confession and subsequent baptism. He was baptized into Christ and the “Pastor Fidelis” now ” Brother Fidelis” wrote a letter of resignation as a pastor/member of the MZLHFGC to their headquarter and gave the Preacher a copy to further confirmed his decision to follow Jesus Christ and his church. See attachment Letter.

The Preacher and our new brother Fidelis Ubom visited with me Tuesday September 4, and we had lunch fellowship together, and I continue to tell him more about Christ and His church. He showed me his Degree Certificate in Theology from a denominational Bible school and a copy of his resignation letter, I adviced him to study with a Church of Christ associated Bible school to be able to rightly divide the word.

Brother Fidelis Ubom narrate how his MLHFGC members and kinsmen trooped into his compound to ask him why he is taking such a nasty decision when he was about to be promoted to the rank of an Apostle in the ministry, He said , I told them “I have seem the light” Praise God for this testimony.
I presented to him a Dickson mini Teachers Bible, Efik Version of the Holy Bible and Efik Hymnal to help him start afresh, I also enrolled him with a WBS Introduction Lesson, NCCE and other Gospel literatures to help his new found faith.

As the news of his baptism spread around the Ikot Osute village and its environ, on that same Tuesday September 4, 2018, another three (3) souls baptized into Christ at Ikot Osute and brother Fidelis Ubom witness their baptism in the river about 5.00pm. So in September 3 and 4, 2018, God add four (4) souls to Christ kingdom at Ikot Osute.
Pray for this newly baptized to grow strong in Christ mostly pray for Fidelis Ubo Ubom who may be facing more challenges and persecution from his former employer (MZLHFGC) who are not happy with his decision. Fidelis Ubom is married with four (4) children of ages between 14 down.

It is my hope our new brother Fidelis Ubom conversion will expand the kingdom of Christ in Ikot Osute and the neighboring villages.

Brother Fidelis Ubo Ubom will need your prayers and materials support to help him in a couple of months that he has resigned his services from his former employer and his wife just gave birth to a new born baby. He needs the all round encouragement of the saints.

Pray for me and my teammates safety as we go about working for Christ in the mist if wolves, the denominational churches sees our Ukanafun WBSET as a trait to their existence and I know that God is faithful who began this good work in us, will perfect it till the day of Christ. pray for more success in our endeavours.

Thank you for your continue love for Christ, your financial and Spiritual support to me and my teammates really payoff. God bless you my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ in Christ precious name.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

PS. Your generosity towards us in donating funds for the purchase of Bibles and Hymnals is a great boost and encouragement to our work for Christ in Nigeria. The denominational pastor who obeyed the gospel was presented with Bibles and Hymnal and he was excited and prayed for God’s blessing upon the donors.
More reports and pictures ahead.

Former denominational pastor Fidelis Ubom puts on Christ

Former denominational pastor’s letter of resignation

Former denominational pastor receives Bible and hymnal from Mojima

A new brother in Christ receives Bible from Mojima