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A Denominational Rev Pastor and Founder of a Religious set (Pastor Joel Silas) Obeyed the Gospel today. The 6th Eastern Ngwa Annual Bible Lectureship /Evangelism held at Church of Christ, Umuode – Ovom 1 in Abia State on the theme “The Gospel of Christ” between November 8-10, 2018 went well. The highlight of the event include :

*House to House Evangelism
* Indoor Bible lectureship
* Open Air Preaching
* Lecture on the use of WBS for effective evangelism
* Inauguration of Eastern Ngwa WBS Evangelism Team

Five (5) souls obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ, one of the baptized brother was a Rev Pastor (Joel Silas) the founder of City for World Evangelical Ministry also obeyed as I preached Christ to him. See attached photos, Joel Silas put on RED T.shirt.

The brethren there promise to follow up with him and his denominational members as he (Joel Silas) want the church to be planted in his home village. Though my distance is long, if God will, I will be visiting with him to encourage and guide where necessary but I am sure the brethren there will take care. I spoke with Joel Silas on telephone this night as I arrived home.

A WBS Evangelism Team was inaugurated for Eastern Ngwa in Abia State by the World Bible School Director in Nigeria, Dr Monday John Akpakpan after the Abia State coordinator of WBS Mr Chinedum Nwankwo present the team members and I (Mojima Etokudo) admonished them on the Evangelism methods using WBS and other medium.

It was great to work with Dr Monday John Akpakpan, Chinedum Nwankwo, and Jacob Nwachi of the Nigerian Christian Hospital etc.

*Pray for the newly baptized brethren!
*Pray for the converted denominational pastor!
* Pray for his followers to obey the gospel as Joel Silas do!
*Pray for me and my work for Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support, you are a great encouragement and boost to the success of Christ kingdom in Nigeria. God bless you and yours in Christ precious name.

In Christian love and service,

Mojima Etokudo

Road to the Bible Lectureship

Road to the Bible Lectureship

Road to the Bible Lectureship

Some participants at the Bible Lectureship

Eastern Ngwa WBS Evangelism Team with Guests

Denominational pastor Joel Silas confesses Christ