Mojima Etokudo – Comprehensive Seminar and 1st Qtr 2019 Review


Following my proposal to you on our planned Bible Seminars/ Evangelism and other activities outlined in my previous notes. The four (4) planned seminars/evangelism at the following areas:
1. Church of Christ, Ikot Osute, Oruk Anam
2. Church of Christ, Ikot Akpa Nkuk, Ukanafun
3. Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong Ukanafun and
4. Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Eyo. All the seminars went well.

1. The event at Ikot Osute on the theme “Zealous Religious Without God” took place on January 4-5, 2019 and it features:
* Door to door evangelism
* Open Air Preaching at Market place and village square
* Indoor Bible seminar
* Distribution of Food and Clothing to the needy
* Free Medical services (Free Eye test/glasses and BP/ Blood sugar level check)
* Free feeding & accommodation.
* Guest Preacher was Brother Ikobong Akpan.

* Three (3) Souls baptized into Christ .
* Between February and March 2019, our Ukanafun Evangelism team with the brethren at Ikot Osute embarked on a follow up mission at Ikot Osute and its neighboring villages,
God added another four (4) Souls through baptism to the church and two (2) Restoration of the erring brethren.
2. At Church of Christ, Ikot Akpa Nkuk the One Day Bible seminar on the theme “CHRISTIAN RACE” on Saturday January 12, 2019 was a church leadership building seminar as participants was drawn from 28 local congregations in the area.

It Features:
* Door to door evangelism
* Indoor Bible Seminar by Utibe Utin
* Chapel talk by Uyai Joshua
* Feeding of all participants

* On Sunday January 13, 20 and February 3, among those we preached to in the village of Ikot Akpa Nkuk, a total of Three (3) Souls baptized into Christ, one of them (Ubong Friday Edem) was a deacon of his denominational church and One (1) Restoration of the erring
3. At Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong, the seminar took place on January 25-26, 2019 on the theme “THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST” our guest preacher was Imoh Ebebe.

It Features:
* Community Services such as
– Clearing of weeds in the village roads.
– Free Water supply from the Shackle Island Church water borhole to members of the villages.
* Door to door evangelism
* Indoor Bible Seminar
* Distribution of Food (rice and bean) and used cloths to the needy
* Free Feeding and Accommodation to participants.

* Two (2) Souls baptized into Christ (Uduak Lucky Dick and Mfon Ufokobong
* Restoration of 4 erring brethren
4. At Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Eyo, the event begin on January 31 through February 1-2, 2019 on the theme “CHRIST THE ONLY WAY” our guest preacher was Atauyo Akpaneyen.

It Features:
* Door to Door evangelism
* Open Air Preaching at both day and night at market place and village square.
* Free Eye Test/ Eye Glasses
* Free BP / Blood sugar level test
* Free Feeding and Acceleration

* One (1) Soul baptized into Christ (Happiness Akpan James)
* Another person who listen to our preaching also baptized into Christ on February 17, 2019 during a follow up mission.
* Our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team / NCCE Students did so well during and and after the scheduled events.
* Your Donation of funds to help conduct the seminars, support the guest speakers, purchase of Mega Phone really payoff as we use the megaphone in all the seminars to boost our audio system.. See attached photos of the 2 Megaphones.
* Each of the newly baptized who have the need for Bible and Hymnals received same from your Bible/Hymnals donation stock.

Between January – March 2019, God added the following to Christ kingdom through our efforts in Evangelism, Free medical services (Eye Glasses, BP and Blood Sugar), Bible Seminars (For Church Leadership building, Edification and to bring sinners to Christ) WBS Seminars/Follow up etc:
Twenty Three (23) Souls baptized into Christ.
Seven (7) Erring Souls restored back to faith.
The breakdown is as follows:

7 at Ikot Osute village
2 at Ikot Odiong Village
2 at Ikot Akpa Nkuk village
2 at Ikot Itor/Ikot Otu villages
2 at Ikot Akpan Eyo village
3 at Ikot Akpan Afaha village
1 at Obon Odor village
1 at Ikot Udo Mbang village
2 at Ikot Udo Ossiom village
1 at Ikot Awak village

2 at Ikot Osute
4 at Ikot Odiong
1 at Ikot Akpa Nkuk

Amongst the newly baptized is a denominational Reverend Pastor of the Full Gospel Church of God (Aniekan Thomas Etukekpo) baptized into Christ after consistently preaching to Him about the New Testament Church for six years.

We also attended the 2019 WBS Great Workshop at Mbaise in Imo State were we work with Chad Wagner, Monday John Akpakpan and Mike Udam etc . A Soul Obeyed the Gospel. I also work with Chad Wagner during a local WBS seminars at NCBC, Abak, Three (3) precious Souls Baptized Into Christ

Thank you for all your numerous support toward the advancement of Christ kingdom in Nigeria and African Continent, God bless you. Our prayers continue with you and yours daily.

We need need more of your prayers to do more for Christ kingdom growth.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

A message before food distributed at Ikot Odiong

Waiting for food at Ikot Odiong

Food delivered to the needy at Ikot Odiong

Community draws water for the seminar at Ikot Odiong

Mojima preaching

Participants at the Seminar at Ikot Odiong

WBS Evangelism Team looks for willing listeners

Lunch time at the Ikot Odiong Seminar

A new sister in Christ at Ikot Odiong

The Lord’s church at Ikot Odiong

Food for the Needy at Ikot Osute

Free Eyeglasses for the Needy at Ikot Osute

Free Eye Exams for the Needy at Ikot Osute

Food Distributed to the Needy at Ikot Osute

On the road with the new megaphone

Open-air preaching at night with new megaphone

Mojima (front, second from l) with audience listening to Chad Wagner at Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC)

Chad Wagner (c) with WBS Evangelism Team at NCBC


Chad Wagner (second from l) with Mojima (second from r), Mojima’s wife Ekaette (far l), and another brother at The Great Workshop

New brother in Christ Sunday Ibanga

Mojima with new brother Sunday Ibanga

A denominational pastor accepts Christ

Mojima (l) presents new hymnal to new brother

Mojima and his son Ekemini after Sunday worship

A new sister in Christ at Ikot Awak

New sister in Christ at Ikot Awak (far l) with Mojima (second from l) and WBS Evangelism Team