Skvyra Church of Christ, Ukraine

Dear brethren,

Skvyra Church of Christ greets you. The average attendance for Sunday worship in January – March of 2018 was 10 – 16 adult plus 12- 20 children. Also at our Saturday children meeting we had 15-27 children.

In the beginning of this year from January 23 till January 27 we had visit of Walter Rayburn and Chris Moran. It was good encouraging and refreshing time for all the members of our congregation and for children.  From Wednesday till Friday Water and Chris taught children’s classes at the church building.  They taught children on different Biblical topics in interactive form and also taught children to sing children Christian songs and played games. As usually children were asking Walter and Chris many question about the Bible and life in US. They were so glad to have those classes.

On Saturday we had our regular Children and teenager’s meeting. Walter and Chris also taught at our meeting and spend good time together with our children group.
Walter also preached encouraging Sunday sermon at our Church.   We had on Saturday 27 children. After their visit we have increasing visitation at Saturday children’s class about 8-10 children more and also most of children started to attend church on Sunday. So it was really good encouraging time for all our congregation. During this visit Walter and Chris also visited Vladimir Ilnitsky – our brother that suffers of diabetes for many years and has other health complications. Vladimir was very happy to see Walter and Chris as they helped him many times during hard periods of his life.

We all will be so happy to see Walter  and Chris again when he come next time to Ukraine to continue this work on spiritual field to help our young Ukrainian churches to become more mature and stronger. We also want to express our great thanks to Walter Rayburn that he helped and continue to help with financial expends for our weekly Saturday children meetings (such as food, materials for crafts, transportation for students from Bible institute and etc.)

During period February-March we had many visits of brethren that came to teach in Bible institute.  Mike and Janine Underwood family from US church visited us 2-3 of Feb for children classes Saturday and Sunday worship. Denton Landon Bible teacher from US visited our church 2-3 of March for children classes Saturday and  Sunday worship. Vitaliy Rodichev the preacher of Kramatorsk church visited our church 23-24 of March for children classes Saturday and Sunday worship.  All of those brethren brought to us good spirit and encouragement. We so thankful  to all of them for wish to participate in our work.

Taras, Masha, Rosa and Lena the students of Bible institute in Bila Tserkva continue organize all children activities at our church. They all young, creative, and enthusiastic and children get used to them very much. They really do great job coming for weekends to teach children to become nearer to God.

Now about our church members. First of all sad news.  Our elderly sister Valentina Filipovna Markevych died 18th of January. She was 83 years old and she had complications because of Parkinson disease. Valentina joined our congregation in 2005. Since that time she always visited church and was a wonderful person that loved God and people. I served funerals together with Taras and dean of Bila Tserkva institute Denis . My mama Lidia broke foot  Sunday 21 of Jan when she was on the way to the church. For now her foot recovered and she start to walk little. Sister Ira Palienko was also in the hospital in Kyiv for 12 days because of complication of her disease.

Vladimir Ilnitsky had surgery about 2 weeks ago. He started to have a problem with dialysis because the place on his hand where doctors connect special needle for dialysis called medically fistula was blocked and lost it normal function. Because of that problem it caused complication with dialysis. So Vladimir urgently was planned for surgery on his right hand  to make new fistula. He was not able to cover the price of the surgery so Jim Orrison and Vinogradar church in Kyiv helped him to cover this medical bill. Now Vladimir feels better after surgery. He is so thankful to Jim Orrison and Vinogradar church for help in his hard time. Vladimir was preaching last Sunday at church. Thanks God He gave him strength. Brother Vladimir Koval has health complications for last few month. Please pray for brother Vladimir. He needs our prayers very much now.

Now with brother Jim Orrison and Denney Collins work on our annual VBS summer program. We planned VBS for 8-12 of July. This year it will be 20 years anniversary since we started this program. So we all excited about VBS 2019.  Please continue to pray for our church and all
especially members that are ill for now. We also pray for all of you and want to express our thanks for you prayers and support.

With love in Christ,

Andriy Pomaz the preacher
of Skvyra Church of Christ

Chris Moran preaches

Walter teaches the children

Walter and the children’s class

Craft time

Vladimir Ilnitsky preaches