Mojima Etokudo, May 2019 Review

Greetings to you all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island Church of Christ, pray this report meet you well, I am sorry due to crowded activities in the kingdom this come a little late.

The month of May 2019 was fruitful in my ministry for Christ and His Church though with challenges.

Between May 1-4, our Bible tutorial center the Nigerian Christian College of Evangelism (NCCE), Ukanafun students after their test embark of evangelism at Ikot Akpan Eyo and its neighborhood to follow up with prospects of our Bible seminars in the area, God add a soul to Christ kingdom at Ikot Akpan Eyo as the team revisit the area again on June 3,2019 for a follow up, see photo.

We also study the Word with a denominational Preacher (Godwin Noah) whom we pray for God to help him repent from denominationalism.

I and my wife worshiped at Ikot Udo Ossiom on Sunday 5, and at Ikot Osute and Ikot Itor on Sunday 19. Two (2) souls a husband and wife baptized into Christ at Ikot Itor as a result of our Bible Seminar at Ikot Osute and its neighborhood. See photo of the duo receiving Bible to help their new faith.

Between 7-10, May, I join other Preachers and Church leaders for a Seminar at the Nigerian Christian Bible Collage(NCBC) Abak, it was great experience to learn about managing stress as we minister the Word to the people.

On Sunday 12, I teach during an Indoor Bible Seminar at Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong, two (2) visitors responded to our door knocking invitation, pray they obey the gospel as we continue teaching them the Truth.

I preach at two funeral service at Abak and that of our late sister at Ikot Odiong church on Friday 10 and Saturday 11. I also lost my cousin through death on May 17.

I was a guest speaker at the Bible seminar at Okobo local government area on May 18.

On May 24, a Bible seminar/ Door knocking and Open Air preaching by our Ukanafun World Bible School Evangelism Team held at Ute Etok village, many community leaders, the village chief and denominational leaders was in attendance and they ask questions on the New Testament Church. We hope to follow up with them with hope God will draw souls to Christ kingdom in its time.

On May 26, the event continue with WBS Seminar/ Students Interactive Forum at Ikot Osute for our WBS Students who are mostly denominational Preachers, Leaders, Youths and village Chief.

I was the guest speaker on the theme “THE PARAMOUNT AUTHORITY”, many asked questions and answers from the Bible was given. I am optimistic that God through this medium will call sinners to Christ as one of the participants is reported visiting the church at Ikot Osute but not yet baptize.

On May 31, I speak  at the Preachers seminar on the topic “THE PREACHER AND HIS WORK” drawn from 2 Timothy 4:5, we also hold strategies and evaluation meeting discussing our evangelism activities in the rural areas. Progress and challenges was shared and we prayed together for more labourers and harvest in Christ kingdom. This is a regular event to help strengthen the pulpit.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support to me and my teammates, they really payoff.  God bless you and yours.

The Bible and Hymnals procured by your generosity is indeed a great encouragement to new converts who have the need. Thank you so much for making it easy in some ways through your support. We have less in stock, we need more.

In Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo