Mojima Etokudo, July 2019 Review

Greetings to you and all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island Church of Christ, hope this mail meet you well.

Members of our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team sends greetings to all and thank you for your support.

Brethren from Ikot Odiong and Ikot Akpan Eyo say hello?

The month of July 2019 was very  challenging in my physical and Spiritual families but we glorify God for His grace.

1. The church building roof at Ikot Odiong affected by Windstorm poses a great challenge as we are now in the rainy season and we are doing some work hoping to complete the work soon.

2. I also faced with health challenges due to the rainy season which we go on activities using motorcycle which sometimes rain and weather affects us thereby affecting health.

3. On Monday July 1, our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team embark on door to door knocking Evangelism campaign and follow up mission at Ikot Anta Eneng Obom village, a couple obeyed the Gospel and both of them baptized into Christ.

4. The Church at Ikot Osute village lost a sister through death and the funeral service was conducted on Saturday July 6. The funeral Sermon preached has attracted two (2) members of her family to the church meetings but not yet obeyed the Gospel.

5. On Wednesday July 10, one of our Preacher Ezekiel Ibanga went through major surgery on hernia on both sides, he was discharged last week and he is getting better, pray for his recovery and that of his wife who suffered from stroke. I visited him and his wife in their home on Sunday after worship, they both are regaining health.

6. On Saturday July 13,  our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team embarked on door to door Evangelism / public preaching at Ikot Akpan Eyo village and I preached on the topic “The Way of Salvation”  A Soul Obeyed the Gospel and I baptized her into Christ. Many others promise to visit the  church meetings to learn more about Christ and His church.

7. On Sunday July 14, I preached at the indoor Bible lecture at Church of Christ in Ikot Edet on the topic “BAPTISM DOESN’T DO ANY GOOD” a rhetorically designed topic which admonishing Christian to remain faithful and to preach Christ using their lifestyle as emphasize by Christ in Matthew 5:13-16. Many people asked questions and Bible answers was given.

8. On Friday July 19, I was one of the guest speakers during a WBS Seminar / Evangelism Team inauguration at Ikot Abasi Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The Paramount Chief of Ikot Abasi Local Government Area and wife HRH Udo Joe Ntukobom and Dr Umanaette Udo was in attendance. Dr. Monday John Akpakpan, Etim Nyong, Samson Ola Alabi, and Mike Udam serves as guest speakers. The newly WBS Team resolved to work as a team to win souls for Christ. Pray for their resolved to do more for Christ and His church.

9. Same Friday July 19, we departed with Mike Udam and Samson Ola Alabi to Woji Church of Christ Annual Bible lectureship in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. There we stayed till Saturday July 20 working for the Master. A Soul Obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ at Woji Church.

10. On same Saturday July 20, we departed Woji area to Rumuokuta  church meeting place were we had a Evangelism Strategies meeting with River State WBS Evangelism Team leaders, sharing our method with them to win more souls for Christ.

11. On Sunday July 21, we were guest Preachers at the Rumuokuta Church Indoor Bible Seminar, Mike Udam speak on the topic “MANAGEMENT OF SUGGESTIONS” while I preached on the topic “WITHIN YOUR POWER” I draw my text from Acts 5 :1-5, admonishing the church to always use what is within their power to the glory of God examples :Materials, Our Talents, Our Influence, Our Bodies and our Time etc. The Bible Seminar features Christian Couples Seminar session and Meal Fellowship.

12. On same Sunday July 21,  while I was away to Port Harcourt in River State, our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team embark on our routine door to door Evangelism /Youth Bible Seminar at Ibianga Ikot Eduep village and a Soul Obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ.

13. On Friday July 26, I presented a keynote on the topic “SOME THINGS A PREACHER IS NOT” during Preachers and WBSET Seminar which features Evangelism strategies lecture and meal fellowship session .

14. Between Friday – Sunday July 26-28, Three (3) NCI School of Preaching students visited with the church at Ikot Odiong in Ukanafun for her weekend Evangelism campaign, we hope the Seeds they sowed will yield fruits in its appointed time.

Thank you so much for your generosity to me and my coworkers for Christ kingdom in Nigeria especially the Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team, God bless you and yours in Christ precious name. Amen.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

Cecilia Monday submits to Christ at Ikot Akpan Eyo
New sister Cecilia Monday (Mojima’s left) with WBS Evangelism Team at Ikot Akpan Eyo
New brother in Christ, Chief Peter Nene, receives a new hymnal from Mojima
Mojima preaching at Ikot Akpan Eyo
A new brother (r) at Ibianga Ikot Eduep
Mojima’s Ukunafun WBS Evangelism Team with brothers Mike Udam and Monday John Akpakpan (center, seated)