Mojima sends…Children at Ikot Odiong receive Bibles

Greetings to you and all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ. Despite my ill health, I was able to make it to Sunday worship at Ikot Odiong with the help of a commercial motor cyclists, and it was great to fellowship with the saints as we meet after worship for a planing on our 2020 Bible Seminar /Evangelism.

The children Bible class at Ikot Odiong received New Testament Bibles each from our Bible stock donated by the Shackle Island church to help them grow in the Word.

The renovated mission house roof at Ikot Odiong that was pull up by Windstorm which I shared the work in progress with you last week was completed, and that is the house that the children use in their Bible class.

  As resources available, we are hoping to put finishing touches in the mission house before our 2020 Bible Seminar /Evangelism as well as the main worship building roof that was affected by Windstorm during the rainy days to help our accommodation of participants.

We need your continued prayers for completion of these projects.

PS. The attachment shows pictures of the Children at Ikot Odiong receiving
*New Testament Bibles.
*Being taught by their Teacher.
*Walking out of the roofed mission house after Bible class..
* Worship session at Ikot Odiong.
* Completed Roofing work of the mission house.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

Children’s class show new Bibles
Ikot Odiong children in Bible class
Sunday worship at Ikot Odiong
The children after class