Mojima sends…


On Sunday October 18, 2020, I preached the sermon at Church of Christ in Ikot Odiong and two (2) of the visitors who visited the church for the second time obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ. Making the kingdom of darkness suffered another defeat as they denied the kingdom of darkness and pledge their membership for the Kingdom of Christ.

One of the baptized young man was a member of a cult group who use idol to as his God and gang  to terrorized the area according to his confession before the entire church.

The duo baptized into Christ at the river after confessing Christ, denouncing/surrendering their idol in form of necklace to me for destruction and vowed never to go back to cultism. SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS

It was great  at the Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong Village in Ukanafun Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria as the church rises in prayers for the newly baptized to grow strong in  Christ  and sing praises to God for the repentance of these sinners.

Pray for the newly baptized and for the laborers. We trust God for their growth.

Thank you for your prayers and kind thought, you are a great encouragement to our work for Christ in Nigeria. God bless you and yours.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo