Mojima Etokudo, Oct. 1 – Nov. 15

Greetings to you and yours in Christ precious name. The Year 2020 is generally a year full with ups and down but glad the gate of hell never prevail against the church.

As the COVID 19 pandemic restricts many outings and the ENDSARS protester hit Nigeria by the youths protesting Police brutality and bad Government, in the midst of all this, many souls are won for Christ through our personal and team evangelism campaign, the saved are edified and missionary trips accomplished in rural areas.

We embark on our routine door to door Evangelism campaign with the COVID 19 safety guidelines at many villages within the period of this report.

Effect of our annual regular Bible Seminar /Evangelism and Free Medical Test /Free Eye Test /Glasses continue to yield multiple fruits in Christ kingdom as beneficiaries of your kind gesture obeyed the Gospel. The latest is a denominational Preacher of the Full Gospel church (Pastor Mandu Offong) who was baptized into Christ on Tuesday November 3,2020, After I baptized him into Christ, I have directed him to the nearby church to help him more, I will be visiting him to encourage him as well and I have encourage him to enroll in our NCCE Bible training program. see attached photos. Others also obeyed the Gospel through our regular follow up and many learn more about Christ and His Church.

At Church of Christ at Ikot Odiong, two cultists obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ surrendering their idol as a mark of repentance,  also a young woman obeyed the Gospel and baptized too.

The following souls obeyed the Gospel during the period of this report at following church areas :

* Ikot Odiong Village :…..   3 Souls
* Ikot Osute Village  :…….  2 Souls
* Ikot Itor /Ikot Otu :………  2 Souls
* Ata Essien Obio Akpa :.  2 Souls
* A Denominational Preacher :  1 Soul

The newly baptized received Bible, Hymnals and Baptismal Certificate. Thank you for your support for the purchase of Bibles and Hymnals.

The following erring souls was restored back to the faith:

* Ikot Odiong Village :………  1
* Ikot Akpan Eyo :……….     1
* Ikot Akpa Nkuk……..   1


The Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team again lost another Preacher brother Monday Ekanem who serve as a Preacher at Ikot Awak village Church of Christ to dead, and we all attended the funeral service.


Our monthly regular evangelism strategy and evaluation meeting was held, and we welcome 3 new Preachers as members of the Evangelism Team. The meeting discussed plans for our 2021 Bible Seminars /Evangelism in January and February 2021 Lord willing. 

We also agreed to hold a Prayer/Thanksgiving meeting in December 2020 to appreciate God for our labour for Christ and to commit the coming years to Him.
The meeting will feature a Get together fellowship, singing and prayers for the Shackle Island church.

It’s been great working with you for Christ, God bless you and yours.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

New brother Mandu Offong receives a Bible
A new sister in Christ at Two Towns
Follow-up mission at Ikot Akpan Etong
Mojima at Ikot Akpan Etong
New sister in Christ Happiness Sunday (r) with Mojima
Happiness Sunday receives a new Bible
Happiness Sunday with some of the brethren at Ikot Odiong
Some of the brethren at Ikot Osute