Eddison Fowler, Brazil, April 2021

Our family praises God for the Shackle Island CoC family. You all are a great encouragement and help to us in the ministry. An example of this is the card that we received today (picture attached) from the sisters class there. We greatly appreciate your prayers, encouragement and contributions of all kinds to our work. Without brothers and sisters like you all, we could not do what we do here. 

The work is going very well in spite of the pandemic. I am very busy with many different ministries, and encouraging  and teaching the brothers and sisters. Please pray for us because we have lost some members to Covid, and presently several members from around the city that are or have been members of the Downtown Church have Covid now and some are even intubated  and struggling for life. One of my latest daughters in the faith is in that group. Her name is Marcia. We lost a 35 year old brother in the Downtown congregation a couple of weeks ago to Covid. He left a wife and a two year old son. It was a tragic loss.

The congregations in greater Belo Horizonte, some 20 in all, are very united and do all that we can to help and encourage each other. We praise God for this unity.

May God continue blessing the Shackle Island CoC and using you to His honor and glory.

In Christ,