Mojima Etokudo, May 2021

Greetings to you and to all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island Church of Christ, pray this mail meets you well.

Here in Nigeria, it’s indeed a trying time as we struggle with the effect of global pandemic (COVID 19) the security situation in some parts of the country is terrifying the entire country. We need your continue prayers for peace and stability.

We thank God that despite all the happening in our country, the gate of hell couldn’t stop the spread of the Gospel in our part of the country, while we remain vigilant when walking in the field.

The effect of the Evangelism we embarked during our Bible Seminars in January, February and on April 29 had tremendous results. During the month of May 2021, we welcome five (5) visitors at Ikot Odiong church in all Sundays worship and one restored erring brother, but none of the 5 visitors obeyed the Gospel yet , we are still teaching them the Gospel hope they come to the knowledge of Truth. 

I visited the 19 months old church we planted at Ata Essien Obio Akpa village during our rural Evangelism in September 2019 and they are doing well in terms of numerical, Spiritual  and infrastructure. They have set up a permanent block building for her place of worship pray for enablement to complete the building as they increased in number. They need your prayers.

I preached a funeral sermon on May 1, at Ikot Inyang Abia village during the burial of a late brother Ezekiel Akpan, and the attendance was impressive, pray our Gospel heal the sick souls. 

We lost one of our sisters through death at Ikot Udo Mbang, until dead she was a widow and did not have any child but was a dedicated sister. She was buried on May 29.

I attended and participate at the four (4) Days Discipleship Making workshop at The Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC) Ukpom Abak during her 2021 Preachers and Church Leaders Seminar, it was interesting and a great reminder of the Great Commission.

Great news from one of our newest Church planted at Nto Abia Ekpenyong Atai, the Preacher reports One (1) baptism in May 2021. Pray for the newly baptized and for continue growth.

Lord willing, our Evangelism Team will embark on Soul winning mission in June 2021, we will follow up on those we preached to during the months etc.

During our May 2021 evaluation meeting of our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team, Thirty three (33) copies of Bible and 20 copies of Efik Hymnals was given to new converts through their Preachers to help them learn more about Christ and His church.

Thank you so much for your generosity to further the cause of Christ in Nigeria. God bless and yours for your numerous support.

We are praying for you daily for God’s continue Grace on the church at the Shackle Island as you recovered from the passing away of Brother Ray Frizzell to the great beyond and the for healing on the COVID 19 pandemic ravaging our health, economy and fellowship. We are confident in God that He will be with you and see you through in Christ Jesus name.

In Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo

New building construction at Ata Essien Obio Akpa
Discipleship Seminar
Mojima (l) and a brother at the Discipleship Seminar