Mojima Etokudo, July 2021

Greetings to you and all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island Church of Christ, pray this report meets you well. 

The month of July 2021 was fruitful in our ministry, many evangelistic activities was carried out in the rural Churches area: mostly areas we have Bible Seminars and and Evangelism in the past and newly planted churches area, and much was achieved for Christ. We give God the glory.

We have baptism and Restoration in the following churches area during our Evangelism efforts:

* Church of Christ, Ikot Osute. = 1 baptism

* Church of Christ, Ikot Anta Enengobom. = 1 baptism

* Church of Christ, Ikot Ibritam. = 1 baptism

* Church of Christ, Ikot Ikpe. = 1 Baptism and 2 Restoration.

* Church of Christ, Ikot Itor = 2 baptism

* Church of Christ, Ikot Akpa Idem = 3 baptism

* Church of Christ, Nto Abia Ekpenyong Atai  . = 3 baptism, Two of them were stunch members of the Catholic Church

* Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Essien = 3 Restoration.

A total of Twelve (12) Souls obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ while Five (5) Erring brethren was restored back to faith.

Two (2) of the newly baptized at Nto Abia Ekpenyong Atai were members of the Catholic Church faith while others were of the Penticostalism background but all went back rejoicing.

 Each of the converts received Bible and Hymns as well as Gospel Tracts to help thier new faith. 

During my worship at Ikot Akpa Idem Village, the children class received New Testament Bible each to help them grow with the knowledge of the New Testament Church.

Our Ukanafun Evangelism Team met for a second half of the year 2021 evaluation and strategy meeting, reports of work, plans to share Christ was shared as well as new ideas. Prayers for Thanksgiving and singing of praises to God was rendered by the Evangelists for God’s continue Grace. They pray to God to bless you for your generosity.


* The church at Ikot Akpan Eyo lost one of her leading member Bro Monday Udiong  to dead.

* A Sister at Ikot Ikpe church who was a widow died.

*  A leading Brother at Ikot Akpa Idem Bro Iniobong Noah also died.

We need your prayers for the families of the departed brethren.

We need your prayers for those who are sick also.

We need your prayers for Peace in Nigeria.


Effective follow up will be carried out on those we preached to and those yet to hear the Truth.

I am selected as one of the lead speaker at the Nigerian Christian Bible College NCBC Annual Bible Lectureship 2021 holding on August 3-6. I will be speaking on the topic”REAPING BEYOND WHAT WAS SOWN” see my the invitation from NCBC attached. I need your prayers for delivery.

It’s raining season here in my part of Nigeria and most our our is affected by rain mostly as we travel with motorcycle, and our health is also affected.we need your prayers during this period.

In Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo