Mojima Etokudo, Aug – Mid Sep, 2021

Greetings from your brothers and sisters from Nigeria to you, and yours, hope this mail finds you well. 

I wish to give a summary report of our services to God between August 1 to September 18, 2021.

As earlier reported, the month of August was very challenging as we have a lot of rain, coupled with Covid 19 restrictions, bad rural roads and insecurity in most part of Nigeria but the work of God still grow in the midst of all these through His Grace.

August 1, God added two (2) souls into Christ kingdom through water baptism at following Church areas:

 *Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Afaha 

 * Church of Christ, Ikot Osute

August 3-6 :  65 Souls obeyed the Gospel through water baptism at NCBC Annual Bible Lectureship where I was one of the guest speaker on the topic ” Reaping Beyond What was Sown” and I was also presented with an Award plaque by the Nigerian Christian Bible College NCBC Alumni in recognition of my contribution to church growth through Evangelism.

August 8, : I worshipped and preached the sermon in two different congregations of the Church and four (4) souls obeyed the Gospel through water baptism at the following churches area:

* 2 Souls at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpa Idem

* 2 Souls at Church of Christ at Ikot Odiong.

August 9,: During our Evangelism/Follow Up mission at Ikot Akpa Nkuk area, One (1) Soul obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ.

August 15,: Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong holds an indoor Bible Seminar  on the law of sowing.

August 22,: Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong holds another indoor Marriage seminar on Growing the Church through Marriage.

August 24-26,: Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team embarked on series of follow up

August 28,: I was one of the guest Preacher at the Christian Youth Seminar at Church of Christ,Ebom Avenue, Abak.

August 29,: After worship, the Church of Christ at Ikot Odiong meet to plan/ evaluate the effect of work you supported us do mostly the Bible Seminars at different places during the first quarter of the years and our other benevolent like the Food for the Needy and Free Eye check/ other medical services, Bibles/ Hymnals for new converts etc. Our finding shows that these method of Evangelism couple with our effective follow up team has yielded  multiple Harvest in many local congregations. We pray for more and improve resources to do more for Christ and His Church.    We plan for 2022 Bible Seminars and other activities to further the cause of Christ more and more in our rural areas and beyond Lord willing. We need your continued prayers and support as this ministry really payoff.

September 3,: Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team meet for evaluation and strategy meeting, plan on effective follow up in the 4th quarter of the year and First quarter 2021 Evangelism Lord willing. Prayers was offered to God for His Grace and songs of praises to God for numerous accomplishment for Christ through your prayers and support.

September 5,: the church at Ikot Odiong after worship, holds a Thanksgiving to God for the life of our brother Udeme Josiah who lost his wife to dead last year 2020 and in July 2021 he went on major hernia  surgery that made him stayed way from church meetings for 8 weeks. 

September 11,: I was on of the guest Preacher at the 2021 Church Leaders Retreat at Oro on Christian Family.

September 12,: I preached at the Central Church of Christ,Abak the congregation that invited me to speak on Christian Couples in June.

The Church at Ikot Akpan Eyo lost a brother (Monday Akpan Udiong) to dead and will be buried today September 18.

The Church at Ikot Akpa Idem lost a brother to dead ( bro Ini Noah)

We need your prayers for our work for Christ, myself and my family, our Evangelism Team for good health, guidance and protection and more grace and strength to do more for Christ and His Church. We are praying fervently for you and yours.

God bless you and yours.

I’m Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo