Editi Obot, August 2021

1.On Saturday, 14 August, 2021 , The congregation in my village,omum unyam  assigned me to preach the funeral of a late sister, Dimah Monday Akpan. The late sister had a son, Mr Uduak Monday  who had been a backslider in the church  for a period of over ten years.  After preaching on the topic ‘WHAT THE LIVIING SHOULD KNOW ‘ which was taken from  Eccl. 9:5 , Mr Uduak visited me the following day to tell me how he was touched by the message. He decided to come back to the church . The better part of it was the baptism of uduak’s wife,  Mrs. Ekom  also got baptized and the couple is now fellowships with the congregation at omum unyam. 

2. On Sunday, 1st August, 2021,the church of Christ at Ikot Edet where I serve had an unanimous decision to work towards restoring the church at Ikot uko Annang which is a neighbouring congregation that was established some years back through  Obong Christian High school mission outreach. Having not enough leadership strength, the church is going down slowly in terms of membership. Therefore, the church at Ikot Edet, though younger than the one at Ikot uko decided be organising regular evangelism outings to help restore the lost glory of the church. This act is beginning to have  positive results and we are now calling on other nearby congregations to assist the church to stand back at her feet. 

(Missionary, Sierra Leone)