Mission Update from Mojima

Greetings to you and yours in Christ Jesus name. 

Last week, I , my wife “Ekaette” and son ” Ekemini” traveled on a jungle road distance about 350 kilometers for about 9 hours to work with the Church of Christ, Ukpagada on invitation and Brother Mike Udam at the 2021 Ukpagada Annual Bible Lectureship. 

Both indoor Bible Lectures, Door to Door knocking Evangelism, Open Air preaching at the village square was carried out. Souls won for Christ. We also have meal fellowship by the Church of Christ at Ukpagada.

It was great adventure crossing the river with local boat to preach Christ to the lost souls on the other side of the hinterland of Ukpagada and we stayed till 9:30pm, a soul obeyed the Gospel and baptized same night into Christ as mosquito was our major friends Ha!

We praise God for safe travels back home, praying for good health on me, my wife, Children and my fellow labourers in Christ kingdom as well as more of His Grace in our endeavors.

In Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo