Mojima Etokudo, Bible Seminar at Ikot Odiong, Jan. 19 – 23, 2022

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Nigeria to you, thank you so much for your generosity and continue prayers towards our physical and Spiritual wellbeing. God bless you and yours in Christ Jesus name.

Our Bible Seminar/Evangelism at the Church of Christ Ikot Odiong, Ukanafun went well.

*  The annual meeting started on Thursday January 19 with the church at Ikot Odiong going on Invitational Evangelism within and outside the community.

* On Friday January 21, brethren and participants arrives and we have the opening formalities at the worship hall of church of Christ, Ikot Odiong, singing hymns, praying for harvest and Evangelism talk:

– After an introduction by me, a brief talk on Evangelism was delivered by one of our WBSET mates Brother Saviour Obot and everyone went on door to door knocking Evangelism led by our Evangelism Team members. With 256 in attendance on the first day, we were able by God’s grace to visit 5 neighboring villages with the Gospel on the topic “WATCH YOUR WORSHIP” for 5 hours in the field between 10.00am – 3.00pm.

* On returned to the place of worship, we received reports from the field and we have LUNCH FELLOWSHIP together with the teaming crowd who came for Free Eye Check/Glasses/BP, Prostate, Malaria and other health challenges. 

* There was a  Health Talk (Education) by the Optometrist  Dr Emma Archi  and that of the Quantum body examination. Also, a brief sermon was delivered by Ikobong Akpan before the eyes Check etc. The medical attention continues till Saturday.

GREAT NEWS: The optometrist Dr Emma Archi was restored to the faith after 17 years of falling away from the faith due to marriage. To God be the glory.


Our WBS Evangelism Team led the open air preaching at the village square of Ikot Odiong between 6.00pm-9.30pm preaching on the topic ” WATCH YOUR WORSHIP” Matthew 15:8-9 by Moses Ime.

 Many whom we preached to during our door to door knocking Evangelism turned out in good number and at the end, One soul, obeyed the Gospel and was baptized same night.


After the open air preaching,we returned to church meeting place for the evening session as scheduled and a soul again obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ same night.


After our evening session, we all have fellowship in meal and all sleep. Some visitors also spent the night with us after hearing the Gospel.

* Two (2) Souls baptized on Friday January 21, 2022 into Christ.


* During our morning devotion, Two (2) souls obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ.

* After the morning devotion, we engaged in sporting activities to exercise the physical body, it was a great fellowship with the saints and non Christian who participated.

* BREAKFAST FELLOWSHIP: The 146 campers partake in the breakfast fellowship.


The indoor Bible Seminar was delivered by Mike Udam after I presented the theme analysis on “BE WATCHFUL” and the young people class was handled by Enono Charles on the topic “Watch Your Life” 1 Timothy 4:12. 

* Brother Monday John Akpakpan led the chapel session while Sunday Solomon minister in prayer and Uyai Joshua led the Question and Answers/Interactive session.

* Another two (2) Souls obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ.


Every participants of the 2022 Bible Seminar/Evangelism at Ikot Odiong took part in the Lunch fellowship.


* 287 drawn from 52 local congregations of the Church in Nigeria and from the denominational sect within Ikot Odiong and it’s neighborhood participated.

* 166 Persons benefitted from our free Eye Check/Glasses, BP check etc.

* Six (6) Souls who came from neighboring villages for Free Eyes Check/Glasses and others on our Evangelism Invitation obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ, they have been introduced to nearby churches of Christ.


During our worship on, one denominational church pastor Mr Friday Akpan Ikono from Ikot Odiong village whom we preached to during our door to door knocking visited our Worship service and after my sermon, he obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ today. He promised to bring his wife and children on Sunday, pray for His will.

Many others promised to visit our Worship service. Pray for more fruitful harvest.

* Each of the newly baptized received a copy of Bible and Hymnals, Baptismal Certificate, some others who were baptized at the sisters congregation and have the need Bible and Hymnal also received.

* The 2022 Bible Seminar/Evangelism at Ikot Odiong look greater than other years with many participated.

* We have announce our next Year Bible Seminar/Evangelism on January 13-14, 2023 Lord willing.

It was indeed a very hectic period for me and my teammates but most fruitful and rewarding for Christ and His kingdom.

Thank you so much for your generosity and continue prayers, they really payoff. God bless you.

We are preparing for the Ikot Akpan Eyo Church Bible Seminar on January 29, 2022. We need your continued prayers for successful mission, good health, strength and wisdom on all our labourers.

Again, thank you so much and God bless.

In Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo