Skyvra Church of Christ, Ukraine, Apr – Jun 2022

Subject: Skvyra Church of Christ Newsletter. April – June 2022

Dear brethren

Greetings from Skvyra Church of Christ.

It was one of the hardest last 3 month for all of us since our congregation started 28 years ago . We never imagined  that such hard times that Ukraine had during world war II will come back to Ukraine again. Russians still killing thousands our peaceful people, children, they completely destroying our tows and villages. Our earthly world never be same again…..

Our town Skvyra not under occupation (but it could easily happen in the beginning of the war) we continue to worship God in our Church building.

The average attendance for last 3 months is 8 – 15 for worship. Taras also continues to organize meetings for children and youth   few Saturday’s per month. The average attendance is 15-20 ( you can check updates with pictures from our facebook Skvyra Church of Christ youth ministry page).

Those last 3 months were months of great loses. Many people died in a war….

During last quarter our congregation had loss of  two dear ones. Vladimir and Luba passed away.

Our 40 years old brother Vladimir Ilnitsky died suddenly 8th of June.  He had diabetes since he was 2 years old for other 38 years his life was very challenging brinnig new symptoms and complications of this disease. About 17 years ago Vladimir believed God and became a christian. He joined our congregation. Since that his life changed a lot. He learned how to win spiritually. With his faith and hope on God he overcame so many times pain and suffering. We believe that now Vladimir is with Father in much better place and his time of suffering is ended. Even Vladimir left this earthly home we still remember his good example how to overcame hard times.

Next day after Vladimir died we had another loss. Luba Gorbachuk (daughter of sister Maria) died in age 70. Luba was kind and merciful person. She followed character of her mam. She loved God and loved people around.  She was a part of our congregation for last 3 years. We missing her very much  as we miss Vladimir.

During this time we also had great loses in a families of our dear brothers and sisters from USA who were and are for many years part of Skvyra mission team. Tammy and Kenny Piers  lost their loved one son Jason.  Donnie and Tammy Estep lost their loved one son Michael. We pray  that our Father will comfort everyone who are in a pain and sorrow. He gives us this hope that even when we lose our near once we have great hope to meet them again in Heavenly Eternal Kingdom. We are in our hearts with all of you!

Me and my family and me still stay in a Germany. I continue to preach  and lead services from online.  It still  be not safe to bring children back  to Ukraine even to Skvyra. For example about 3 weeks ago parts of  Russian missile fell down on one of the fields about 7 miles far from our building in Skvyra.  But even in such circumstances all members and visitors of the church in Skvyra  continue to visit church and serve God. For last two months I also invited  brother Valentin Tsyopa  from BilaTserkva  to come and and preach  two times per month. Valentin several years ago graduated  Bila Tserkva  department of Bear Valley Bible Institute. He is  glad to visit our church and preach.

Taras still do work with youth and children at our church. Especially  in this hard time they need to be spiritually supported. Taras also do benevolence work distributing food and medicine to the people in need. He also go often to the places very near to battle activities were its really life dangerous but his wish to help people overcome fear.

During the week I communicate with church members and helping them with needs and encourage them spiritually. Prices on food, transportation, fuel and medicine raised very much so its harder to live for the people who dependent on social payments from government (I mean retired and handicapped people). This group of people affected first when such crises  come. But unfortunately it can be much harder when next winter come. Its hard to say how it will be about food, how it will be about heating as it still be war in our country.

Our sister Ira Palienko had some walking problems and for 10 days had treatment in a hospital. She still be not much better please pray for her. Also please pray for the preacher from Bila Tserkva church Kostya Kysilenko as he suffers now from some lung disease.  Doctors still cant diagnose his problem.

Please also pray for our elderly sisters as after the war  started they having more stress in their life and it makes their  health problems more complicated.

We all hope that God soon will answer our prayers and this war will come to an end and Ukraine will start to recover from those dark times.

Our great thanks to all of you for your prayers and supporting of our work.

Let God bless you richly!

With love in Christ, Andrew Pomaz