Editi Obot – Appreciation / Mission Report


             I’m so grateful to God almighty for making us partakers of his kingdom here on earth . The efforts of the brethren from windland and shackle Island congregations have been a boost to my mission in African especially in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. 

I received the last support you sent to me through Chad Wagner. He is truly a servant of the Lord whom God is using the lead the lost souls to Christ. I’ve been able to work with him this time in Nigeria as a result of my visit in order to renew my travelling documents. Following is a brief summary of my mission work during my brief visit to Nigeria, my home country :

1. May 22, 2022, I preached at the congregation at Ikot Edet . A  visitor who fellowshipped with the church for the first time gave her life to Christ after hearing me preach a sermon about Christ and His redemption plan. Her name is charity udoekong. She is now an active member of the Church and needs your prayers. 

2. 27th -29th May, 2022, I was requested to help teach in a Discipleship and Church multiplication seminar which was held at Nkek Abak. It was a great opportunity for me to work with other gospel teachers and at the end of the training  a soul from the Methodist Church gave her life to Christ. 

3.  July, 31st, I  went on a personal evangelism at the village of Ikot Edet and another soul,  Nsongurua Asuquo was converted and was baptized accordingly. 

4. August 10,2022,I was given an appointment by the Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak to speak during a Chapel  session on the topic, “WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION “, a topic drawn from the book of Philippians 2 : 12.

That evening alone, 28 souls accepted Christ in the water of baptism. The Bible Lectureship lasted for four days and a total of about seventy souls gave their lives to Christ. pictures on these are loading. 

Yours in Him

Editi Jeremiah  Obot
(Missionary, Sierra Leone)