Mojima sends…Bible Seminar at Ekpenyong Atai


Our Bible Seminar/Evangelism today February 3, 2023 at Ekpenyong Atai 1 on the theme: ” FREEDOM IN CHRIST” was fruitful. 

Our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team led the Evangelism campaigns and many rural people turned out to hear the Gospel while many also came out for our Free Medical Outreach.

Two of those that came ( Aniekan Dan and Moses Nnah) for Eye Test/Glasses hear the Gospel and was baptized into Christ.

Another ( Okon Udo) during our team Door to door Evangelism also baptized into Christ.

3 Souls baptized into Christ while 2 erring brethren restored at Ekpenyong Atai today.

56 Needy people received Free Medical check, and Eye Glasses.

The newly baptized and some prospects received Bible.

Our speakers at Ekpenyong Atai 1 include: Editi Obot, Atauyo Akpaneyen, Akan Timothy and Mojima Etokudo..

34 members of our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team was in attendance, A Van was hired to help with the transportation of the team due the distance.

Thank you so very much for your generosity, God bless you and yours in Christ Jesus name.

Pray for the Newly baptized!

Pray for the Labourers!

Pray for our Seminar/Evangelism tomorrow at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Eyo

Mojima Etokudo,

Team Coordinator