Mojima Etokudo, August 2023

Greetings to you and yours in Christ Jesus name, trust this report finds you well.

The month of August 2023 was very hectic, challenging and fruitful, as  contend is my early report during the month, the first week was the 69th annual Bible lectureship of the Nigerian Christian Bible College NCBC Ukpom Abak where I work with Chad Wagner as one of the guest Preacher and 46 Souls obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ during the 4 days event.

After that, I begin the search for a used Van and it took me up to the neighboring States and God bless my effort as reported in my early email to you today. Thank you for your generosity, God bless you and yours in Christ Jesus name Amen.

I preached the furneral sermon of a late Elder of the church at Obong Ntak Church during interment on August 12, and many Community leaders were present including the village Chief.

I was down in health for Two weeks maybe it’s due to the stress of the Great Workshop in late July and August NCBC along other follow-up mission in our rural areas.

To get some rest to recuperate and also take some medication, I also have a Bible study with a family at Lugbe in Abuja, their daughter ” Eunice” obeyed the Gospel and I baptized her into Christ.

A Preacher at our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team also reports of one Baptism at Ikot Anta were we had Bible Seminar/Evangelism in February this year.

We meet at the church at Ikot Odiong today and continue our planning for our 2024  Bible Seminar/Evangelism beginning first week of January.

We had same planing meeting with our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team last month to take our Bible Seminars/Evangelism to our rural church areas as we usually do. We will continue on our next meeting to come up with days and locations. We need your prayers.

My children Emem, Uduak and Ekemini were all home for the holidays and are resuming next week to return back to school.

My wife Ekaette say hello and our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team members sends greetings.

Tell the SISTERS CLASS I received their message cards and they are great encouragement to me, my family and my little effort for Christ and His Church. We love our dear SISTERS CLASS we love ❤️ them and pray for them daily. Their Prayers and kind words really payoff.

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island Church of Christ for your generosity to me, my family and the Church in Nigeria. God bless you.

In Christian Love and Service,

Mojima Etokudo