Mojima sends…

Let me share this with you on our GOD continuous great work in my ministry.

Information requested during my phone call to you will soon reach you, it’s been a very busy week for me.

On Wednesday February 1, 2017, I and one of my WBS Evangelism Team visits our newest brother “Michael Udo Akpan” the Mormonism man who was baptized into Christ during our 2017 annual Bible seminar at Ikot Odiong. He has left the Latter Day Saints quarters to his village in Oruk Anam LGA after confessing Christ, so we visited him in his village.

On arrival to his village, I contacted one of our NCCE students who invited him to Ikot Odiong through the WBS Seminar Advert Poster I produce and he took us to his house.

After I teach him more from the Bible with proof that the Holy Bible cannot be compare with the Book of Mormon with emphasis that the Book of Mormon is just about 200 years old while the Bible is over 2000 year old yet still the same without addition or subtraction etc.

He made many more confession on the Mormonism practices which he said he was baptized into Mormonism in 1999, ordained into Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthood as Elder and Priest respectively which he tendered his Certificates to this effect to me.

He further brought out 5 books on the Mormonism principles including a songbook and tithe receipt and handed over to me along certificates to either destroy or go with it since he has nothing to do with Mormonism anymore.

I received them from him, I also present to him a Holy Bible with study aid, A Hymn Book, and other books concerning the church and Tract titled ” WHY I LEFT THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATER DAY SAINTS” to aid his new found faith.

He recounts his ordeals with the leaders and members of his former Mormonism set since he baptized into Christ as they chaise him away from where he lives, collect the vehicle and other belongings he got as a result of his over 17 years of service in the temple and even threatened to kill him that he will revealed the secret of the organization to outsiders, so he ran to his village.

I encourage him, console with him with the scriptures and prayed for him.

I also took him to the Preacher of the church in his village where he will be worshiping, and inform him of the development so as to guide him the more.

With this brother surrendering his Mormonism books including the Book of Mormon and his Priesthoods ordination certificates to me shows his true repentance.

I have encourage him to enroll as a student in our Nigeria Christian College of Evangelism (NCCE) to be taught a more proper way to divide the WORD of God as I hope he will be an effective instrument for the MASTER.

He needs the prayers of the saints to remain faithful in Christ, and overcome all the persecution as a result of his decision to quite Mormonism for Christ.

Pray for me also as the task before me is very tedious but glad for His grace to break the barriers which the effects is the kingdom increase.

In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo

PS. Attachment shows surrendering Mormonism books