Mojima – May 2017 Review

Greetings to you, our brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island Church of Christ. Thank you again for your generosity to me, my coworkers and churches in Nigeria. God bless you.

The month of May 2017 was filled with planting, watering and harvesting in Christ vineyard where I labour for Him. Glory be to God for making me and my coworkers part of your ministry in preaching Christ and His church to the lost souls.

I preached in all the four (4) Sundays of May, twice at Ikot Odiong church and at Obon Odor and Ikot Akpan Eyo churches were sinners repented and put on Christ in baptism. I preach two funeral sermons in May at 2 different villages of Ikot Odiong in Ukanafun and Ikot Ese village in Etim Ekpo local government areas. On Saturday May 20, I trained a group of thirty four (34) preachers at Ikot Ese church hall inĀ  Etim Ekpo on team evangelism and also teach them to use WBS to achieve this goal too.

I also trained more disciple makers at Oruk Anam area on team evangelism methods and plans for more disciple makers training and formation of World Bible School Evangelism Team (WBSET) in other locations. Prayers and resources needed to carry out more. I and my team of soul winners (WBSET) carried out a total of nine (9) days door to door evangelism campaign in May and personal evangelism/ home Bible study was also an effective tools used during the month and hope to continue same again and again as the method payoff.

Our training program at NCCE, Ukanafun to train more preachers and Bible teachers is on and on and more are indicating interest to become our student. Pray for resource materials and resources to continue our training for the kingdom of Christ which expands day by day which need for labourers must be taken into consideration.

Our ministry for providing aids for widows and orphans, some received food items and we used the opportunity to preach the love Christ for them.

As part of our mission “Evangelism and Making more Disciple Makers”, Students and Instructors at my Bible Tutorial Centre “Nigeria Christian College if Evangelism, (NCCE), Ukanafun was engaged in 2 days evangelism campaign in our rural areas with special attention at Ikot Akpan Essien village were we have a newly planted congregation, it was great as many received our gospel with love.

We have more plans this month to hold an Evangelism Campaign/ Preachers and Church Leaders seminar at Abat Afaha Obo church hall and its community, it is expected to draw brethren from about 20 local congregations of the Lord church in the area of Oruk Anam and Ukanafun local government together to be train on disciple making, team evangelism methods and to go from door to door preaching around the host community between Friday-Saturday June 23-24. Prayers and resources needed as my WBSET members will also lead in evangelism campaign.

I was a resource person at the 2017 Preachers and Church Leaders Seminar at the Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC), Ukpom Abak between May 9-12, 2017 it was also an opportunity for me to train some small groups on team evangelism in the rural areas setting were many other groups request my services to do more training in their local congregations.

On Sunday May 28 between 2.00pm-4.00pm, we had our WBSET strategy and evaluation meeting at my WBS/ NCCE office, Ukanafun. The meeting started with a Bible lecture from me on the “Parable of the drag net” Matthew 13:47-50 which lessons drawn include:

* Putting more effort as fishermen in evangelism.

* Effective edification in the church to help faithful and unfaithful brethren.

* Reminder on the judgment day of Christ so we can remain faithful in our calling.

* To preach to all irrespective of denomination as the net doesn’t select what comes into it.

* Strategies on effective evangelism was shared mostly as it has to do with the rural areas we served the Master etc.

Reports were received by members and seven (7) baptism was recorded while three (3) was restored back to faith. At Ikot Akpan Eyo during me and my wife visit/ worship on Sunday May 28, four (4) souls baptized into Christ after my preaching and I did the baptizing at the river accompanying with other brethren from Ikot Akpan Eyo. In May 2017, a total of eleven (11) souls baptized into Christ and 3 restorations through my effort and from my coworkers efforts that I gave leadership in the evangelism team.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support which resulted in Christ kingdom expansion in Nigeria. God bless you and yours in Christ precious name. We need more of your materials and Spiritual support to help with our work for Christ, your kind efforts so far really payoff, thank you and God bless.

Again, greet our brothers and sisters at Shackle Island Church of Christ and we need your prayers. We are praying daily for you, your families and your endeavors.

My wife, James and the church at Ikot Odiong and Ikot Akpan Eyo greet you all.

In Christ,

Mojima Etokudo

A new sister in Christ

Two new sisters presented Bibles

Ekaette presenting food to the needy on behalf of the church at Ikot Odiong

Children’s Bible class at Ikot Odiong